Started by husband and wife team Elisa and John Bolanos. Both educated in fine arts and graphics. Bringing you inspiration for your special events and the normal, everyday ones as well. Parties are our business, but Dizzy Designs is so much more. It’s a place to show our creativity and learn.


Life more creatively

We live in a day and age where information, education, and tutorials are at a fingertips distance. Anything we want to learn, we can in a matter of moments. It’s so special and we are so lucky. That being said, I figure anything I like in the store I can make at home. Any repair or home improvement project we can do ourselves. My husband and I always joke that he attends the University of YouTube, and I go to Cal State Pinterest.

This thinking has inspired our business. We sell custom invitations and party accessories for all types of events. Everything is personalized and most everything is handmade. We are proud to announce the start of our Art & Wine painting courses in an effort to bring creativity to all.


From a young age, I have been an artist. I graduated from Cal State Hayward with a Degree in Art with a triple emphasis in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Fine Arts. I’ve had a lot of real world education by working for an Ad Agency where we had big clients like Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, Crystal Geyser and other big names.