The 30 x 30 show is quickly becoming an anticipated year-end tradition at Blue Line Arts. Featuring small works by well-known names in the local arts community, each panel features 30 works in a series, aligned in a neat and strangely satisfying grid.  This is the only show at the gallery where you can take your art home with you the day you purchase it – because these tiny masterpieces make fun and memorable holiday gifts!

This show challenges participants to create work in a series, each 6″x 6″, completing one work a day over a 30 day period.  Artists submit samples of their work in advance and, if accepted, start a month-long process of creation. You can see the process, the struggle, and the celebration of the 30×30 show for artists using the hashtags: #30×30 and #bluelinearts 

This year 17 artists were selected from nearly 60 entrants, and some were shipped from as far away as Los Angeles. Previous to 2018, the show was titled 20 x 20 and followed the same format. We have heard rumors of 50 x 50 shows out in the world, making the current goal seem like just the right amount of challenge.  

 Come check out the works in the 30 x 30 before they disappear from the walls!

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