My fabulous 6 year old had a super fabulous mermaid under the sea party, per her request. I secretly am in love with mermaids myself (who isn’t though?), so I was excited to make this happen for her and bring her an under the sea world for her birthday. Plus what could be a better theme for a pool party. I chose lavenders, purples and seafoam colors to decorate.

I designed a new printable collection for the party, including invitations, cupcake toppers, food labels, signs, favor tags, and a pennant banner.

I also got to work on a couple of really fun DIY projects with my daughter, including bedazzling up a dollar store birthday candle, making a mermaid crown, mermaid wands, mermaid bracelet favors, and my favorite, the jellyfish lanterns.


First let’s talk about my simple, cheap and super effective solution to a back drop for my tablescape. I bought a 5′ pvc pipe at Lowe’s (under 3 dollars), 3 cheap plastic tablecloths, (under 2 dollars each), and some bag clips. I unfolded the tablecloths lengthwise, keeping them folded widthwise. I was going to get crazy and sew a sleeve in each tablecloth to slide it onto the pvc pipe, but ultimately, I just draped it over the pipe and using safety pins, just pinned them in place right below the pipe. This worked great. I strung twine straight through the pipe and tied it to the top of our pergola. The plastic tablecloths are very light, so for weight I just attached bag clips to the bottom. They were hidden by the table. Easy Peasy!


Aren’t these cookies adorable! And guess what they were yummy and easy to make. Ok, I wouldn’t say make, but assemble 😃. I bought Pepperidge Farm lemon cookies and piped regular vanilla frosting, that I tinted blue with a few drops of food coloring, in the middle of 2, sandwiching them together. I found beautiful little pearl like chocolate covered candies in the bulk section of our super market. Score! Oh and don’t forget to refridgerate to keep their shapes. I made them the night before and threw them in the fridge until I was ready to serve.

Here are the mermaid wands that we gave out to all the little girls. This was another simple DIY. I just simply screwed in some eye hooks to the top of wooden dowels so that I could easily string my ribbons through. Then I glued on my star fish with hot glue. Viola!


Mia’s friends were also treated to handmade mermaid bracelets which Mia helped me make.  Then I designed a custom card which the bracelets could be wrapped around with a special thank you message.

I got the idea for a mermaid crown where else, but pinterest. I came across some fabulous crowns made out of shells. I never really found a good tutorial, but kinda just made it up as I went along, not really knowing how well it was going to hold up, but not one piece fell off. I used 2 pieces of floral wire and made 2 hoops. Then I used floral tape to wrap the individual hoops. I put the 2 hoops together by crimping them with a small piece of wire every 4 inches or so and then wrapped the crimps with  floral tape. I found a pearls already strung on wire and wrapped that around my crown. Finished it off with just hot gluing the shells on, making sure whatever I did on one side I did on the other. You should lay out your shells first before gluing.


Can we talk about about the handmade jellyfish lanterns. I love how they turned out! I love how they moved and swayed with the wind just like real jellies. Not one of my parties unless there is some sort of insane DIY project. 1 or 2 would have been a normal project. The insanity was that there were 12 of these little beauties. Click here to see the tutorial on how I made these.

Mia had a blast swimming with all her little friends, eating candy and pizza and cupcakes, but there is no doubt the highlight of her day was meeting Ariel herself! Ariel took time out of her busy schedule to come hang out with Mia and gave her and her friends glitter tattoos and manicures, plus story time by the pool. WHAT?!? Awesome!


If you liked my party and want to throw your own mermaid bash using my products, you can find them in my Etsy shop.

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