Hip Hop Valentines

As per usual, I asked my daughter this year what kind of valentines she wanted to pass out to her friends. She has been in dance for a few years now, and for the third year in a row she requested ballerina cards. As a designer, I sighed a little bit hoping for something new to draw up for her. Luckily, I was able to convince her to try something new. This year she is also taking hip hop class so if she couldn’t have ballerina, her next choice was hip hop valentines. 

In my research, there was a huge lack of hip hop dance designs. Guess it’s not the most popular thing for kids, but that’s ok with me. I prefer doing more original stuff. I had so much fun designing this one for her. Inspiration was taken from some classic 80s break dance movies with  bright, fun, neon colors, graffiti graphics, and a cool break dancing chick wearing those classic high top sneakers. When I finished it, the thought came into my mind that she is only 5 and maybe the design was too mature for her age group. There was no cute little friendly cartoon after all, but then I remembered she is the coolest kindergartener I know. Ok I know I am partial as her mom, but she is cooler than I ever was as a kid. I mean how many kindergarteners love the movie “Breakin'”?

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