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This is my cousin Dulce. Though she and her family live in Mexico, we spent many summers together since we were tiny ones along with my 2 brothers and her brother and sister, and we are all very close. My dear cousin is expecting her first baby, and I wanted to throw her a small baby shower with some of our family here in California to celebrate. In trying to decide on a theme, I went through the more traditional ideas: baby elephant, baby clothesline, bears, etc. Then I thought, no it needs to be fun and humorous, because that’s how we all are together. So, since she is expecting a boy, Mustache Bash it was.

This was so much fun to design. I love the vintage-y feel. It’s sort of reminds me of what you would see in an old barber shop it’s a bit non-traditional in color scheme for a shower, but I kinda love that about it.





Mustache Bash Invitation


Chocolate Mustaches

For favors, I decided to make these chocolate mustaches after seeing them online somewhere. I’ve never worked with chocolate before and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. At Joann Fabrics, there is a whole section where they have these molds and candy melts. The candy melts come in all kinds of colors, and there are so many variations in mold shapes and themes. So the mold I bought had three different mustaches, but I only really cared for one that kinda matched my mustache illustration, so unfortunately I had to make them one by one.

This is the way I did it:

  1. In a glass measuring cup, throw in 11 candy melts and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Stir and return to microwave for another 20 seconds. Stir.
  2. With a small spoon, spoon in chocolate into the mold about half way then tap on the counter to get the air bubbles out.
  3. Add your lollipop stick and spoon in the rest of the chocolate to fill to top of the mold. Tap again.
  4. Put into freezer for about 5 minutes or until chocolate is hard.


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