Loved the way our family portrait came out in cross stitch. I kinda love how it looks like an 8 bit illustration, being a child of the 80s, it creates a little nostalgia for me. Reminds me of that first Nintendo that came out. Super Mario Bros. Was really the only game I played. That and Tetris.


So I started with a graph paper and color pencils drawing out the characters square by square. The trick to making it special was putting in a little detail that was specific to each person. My husband and son wear the same Adidas shell toe superstar sneakers, so I had to include these simple enough with 3 white stripes. I have my favorite striped cardigan with my brown boots that I wore all the time this past fall. My little Mia has her pigtails and tutu, and Johnny needed his Spider-Man hoodie which I have to beg to wash. Haha

I am tempted to sell these in the etsy shop. It was so fun to make. Leave a comment if anyone is interested in purchasing or even if you would be interested in a DIY pattern. Would love to see how much interest there is on this.




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