Crayon Monster Tote


This last Christmas, I wanted to make something special for my 2 little artists. We are always on the go, to baseball practice, gymnastics, to grandma’s house, etc. So when I saw the idea for these totes, I knew my minis needed to have these. Not only can you fit a nice sized sketch book, but whatever other little toys they want to take with them, in case they don’t want to color.

This isn’t a real tutorial, but more of a show and tell, and to give you all the idea. If you want to make your own, I used a real good tutorial that I found on Pinterest to make a fully lined bag. You can see that tutorial here. The monster faces were created out of felt to hold the crayons. Be sure to sew the face shapes onto the the front facing material of the bag before you assemble it.

I bought a 24 pack of crayola twistables. The kids like them way better than regular crayons since they are fun to screw up and down plus they don’t break like a typical crayon. They are also taller than a typical crayon so the tops poke out of the pockets, making them look like teeth.

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