In addition to the kids halloween costumes, I also made this wreath. Well parts of it anyway. I had seen some beautiful wreaths this year online with funny little witch legs hanging off them, so I decided to take inspiration, give it a shot and make my own.

At Michael’s I got this standard no frills, black and purple wreath. It was in a huge discount bin in front of the store, so I think I spent about $2.

I had left over black felt from the kids costumes which I used for the hat and boots, and luckily I found this scrap zig zag fabric to use as the witch’s tights.

Then in the dollar section of Target I got this black and purple wooden ornament to attach to the middle. Though I wish it was a witch and not a ghost. Oh well.

So first I started off making the witches legs by sketching out a boot shape and cutting 4 pieces out of the felt.
Then I cut 4 strips of the zig zag fabric at 2 inches wide and your desired length.
Sew a strip of fabric to each of the boot pieces.
Then, putting right sides together, sew along the entire shape.
Turn the leg right side out. I used the end of a paintbrush to help push the small areas of the boot. And stuff with fill. The paint brush was also helpful with this.
Repeat for the second leg and attach to your wreath. The wreath that I purchased had an internal metal frame, so I simple attached the legs by using a safety pin.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of making the hat, but it’s fairly easy. Download the hat template which is 2 pieces. First sew the cone, turn it right side out and put it through the brim piece. Cut notches at the bottom of the cone so that it sits flush with brim and sew around the edge.

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